Gluta White 1500000 Mg Glutathione Supreme Skin Whitening 30 Caps - Skin Care Solution

Gluta White 1500000 Mg Glutathione Supreme Skin Whitening 30 Caps

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Gluta White Supreme Skin Whitening 30 Caps

• Facelift tapered V shape.
• Supreme healthy white Skin.
• Reduce wrinkle, Boost up collagen, Anti-aging.
• Reduce freckles, Acne scars, Remove dark spots.
• Reduce and fitting the face pores.
• Nourishing skin, Hair and Nails.
• The fast result when used continuously.


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7 reviews for Gluta White 1500000 Mg Glutathione Supreme Skin Whitening 30 Caps

  1. Salman Tahir

    I have used this product for about two weeks. I noticed that my complexion looked smooth and some dark spots have started to disappear. Now I use only my concealer around my eye area and I see a big difference all over my entire body. This Product is a great investment so glad decided to try it.

  2. Horam Khan

    Just started taking these, I have a lot of sun damage and dark marks from tanning and so far I can see a slight difference in the skin tone

  3. Syeda Hira Shah

    his product is doing wonders for my skin haven’t taken for very long only a month, I can see a change in my skin smoother, no pimples and some scars are disappearing. Gonna keep taking it to see more improvement in my skin.

  4. Iqra Hanif

    only have just begun taking this Skin Whitening Supplement by gluta white, so I can’t speak to results yet, but I will provide a review and some information.
    This is a proprietary blend containing a primary ingredient of Glutathione, which is said to be a skin whitening agent.
    Glutathione is an antioxidant that converts melatonin to a lighter color by deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase which helps produce the pigment.
    So, in that aspect, yes, it’s a skin whitening agent.
    It can help correct dark spots, hyperpigmentation ,stretch marks and acne marks.
    It can do all this much better than a serum, which has roughly a 60% absorption rate, or a cream , a 40% absorption rate, because you are ingesting it, so you have a 100% bioavailability.
    Glutathione also has a very good anti aging effect , we produce it in abundance, in our youths , but as we age, production slows, so supplementing with this antioxidant may keep our skin soft smooth , tight and supple, correcting fine lines and wrinkles.

  5. Aqsa Chishti

    So first thing to know, different bodies, different skin tones. I for one noticed results in 1 and a half weeks, 11 days. The first thing you notice is how your face especially has a good result. First thing you will notice are the darker areas fading away.

  6. Syeda Zahra

    Amazing whitening pills! I took two pills morning, just for 10 days I look at my arms is lighter. I have been looking for brightening products from the in side like this, now I found it! Good product for beautiful skin!

  7. Hiza Khan

    The product is really working for me. I have a lot of dark spots on my face, shoulders, and hands. They are much lighter than just a week ago. My husband even said me how much better it is looking. With each capsule, it is getting lighter and lighter. I am impressed with the results. I have already noticed improvements to my skin after only a few days. I will continue to take these pills for the next several weeks and I expect a much greater improvement in my skin. I will give an update.
    UPDATE: After taking it for 3 months, my dark spots all over my body are even lighter. It has been over a month now since I’ve taken any pills and the spots are still the same lightness. They have not darkened. That makes me so happy! I’ll buy more at a later date. Thank you for making this product. Highly recommend!

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